Under the vehicle inspection camera. The Auto-Cam is ideal for a wide range of inspections that require the ability to see under a vehicle or trailer. Inspections such as border security, safety inspections on the road, even to inspect the bodywork under a vehicle are possible thanks to this illuminated infrared camera. 265 Million pigmentation of color 7 inches. TFT LCD Display Adjustable Light Resistance Sony CCD Camera Sensor Illuminated Infrared Full Portability What’s Included Portable Monitor, Camera, Control Box, Handle with Universal Wheel, Connecting Cable, 5V AC Adapter MiniUSB Connector, 13.8V AC Adapter, user’s Guide.This Auto-Cam unit gives you a color image oF a 7 TFT screen that can flip its image to fit different views of the inspection area. The camera housing is mobile and can be oriented in different directions and angles. The swivel wheels allow it to rest on the ground and to move freely with ease and fatigue limited to the user. This Auto-Cam will replace mirrors that easily show dishes, have light reflection problems and break easily. Features • 7 “TFT monitor • Working voltage: DC12V • Working current: 220mA • Rechargeable lithium battery protection • Wide angle: 120 degree perspective • Infrared distance: 3-5 meters (9.8-16.4ft) • Position adjustable camera

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