H2O Drone

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Drone, for research or underwater inspection with magenta filter, for better visibility.Tablet compatible with joystick, for increased control



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Net Weightkg 4.4kg/9.7lbs
Size  380x348x168mm/14.96×13.70×6.61inch
Max depth(m) 150m / 492ft
Buoyancy forceg Positive buoyancy,80g
Working Temperature(℃)  -10℃ ~ 50℃
Max Forward speed 4kn:2m/s(6.8ft/s)
Max up and down speed 1m/s(3.5ft/s)
Anti-flow ability 4kn:2m/s(6.8ft/s)
Degree of freedom 5 types:forward and back、up and down、turn round、 pitching、rolling
Automatic mode AIS system:depth kepping,accuracy ±0.05m; orientation,accuracy±1.5°;keep balancing hovering,

attitude accuracy±1°

Body Pitching ±60°
Expansion interface Yes
Thruster 6 pcs (horizontal 2pcs,vertical 4pcs)
Thruster type DC Brushess
Single power(W) 100W
Single thrust(kg) 1.0kg
Battery capacity Internal:9000mAh/97.2Wh/10.8V
Endurance 4 hours
Charger Intput 100-240VAC
Charger Output 12.6V/2A
Charging time 3 hours
Charge and discharge times 300(complete charge and discharge times,over the times, the battery capacity will be decrease)
Max wireless transmission distance 50m
Wireless Repeater Endurance 10h
IP level IP57
Tether length 150m
Tether Buoyancy neutral
Tether Weight in air  11.7 g/m
Tether Diameter 4.2mm
Tether Work Strength 100kg
Bluetooth BLE support 4.0 and above
Handle endurance 10h
Bluetooth effective transmission distance ≤8m
Sensor CMOS 1/2.5inches SONY CMOS
Lens size 1/2.3inches
Focal Length 300mm focus, fixed-focus
ISO dynamic balance scope ~445
Shutter speed 1/30S
Aperture IRIS F2.5
Highest resolution 8M 3840*2160 16:9
Photo Format JPEG
Video resolution 4K 3840*2160 30fps
Live Streaming Resolution 480P/720P/1080P
Video format MP4
SD Card 32G/64G
Recording time 2h/4h
FOV 160°
PTZ anti – shake function
Light LED
Lumen 2*1500 lm
Color temperature 4500K
Adjustable brightness Yes
Platform IOS / Android (smart phones and tablets)
PC port Windows PC
Operating system IOS 9.0 +/ Andriod 5.0 +/ Windows XP/ MAC and above
Restore filter/one-click beautification Yes
Social network sharing Yes


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