All products sold by Fair D Canada represent final sales, WITHOUT EXCEPTION
All products sold by  Fair D Canada  may not be resold under any circumstances under penalty of legal and judicial prosecutions which may cause damage.
The purchase and possession of this armoured plate may be subject to various Provincial and Federal Laws within Canada – depending on your Province or Territory of residence, you may be asked for additional information before we can ship this product. Export of some
Body armor products is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 C.F.R. 120-130) or a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 C.F.R. 730-774). *
Online Shop
The purchase minimum is required for the online shop, depending on the products requested. A message in your shopping cart or on the description of each product will warn you.
Options and Shipping Costs
You have two delivery options:
• Canada Post; Transportation costs estimated according to Canada Post rates will be shown on your transaction.
However, if you choose the Canada Post cost estimate on the purchase order of your transaction, we will refund the difference between the actual cost and this estimate. The refund on your credit card statement will be made between 7 and 10 business days.
• The carrier of your choice; Consequently, Fair D Canada will not be involved or responsible for the delivery costs.
To do this, you must provide the following information in your user profile:
• The name of your carrier
• The carrier’s account number
Return Policy
Any return of defective products must:
• Be previously authorized by our customer service department who will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
• Be declared within 24 hours of delivery by written notice to mathieu@fairdcanada.com.
The products must be returned to us in postage pre-paid and in their original condition and original packaging.
If you receive damaged equipment, please notify us immediately. Fair D Inc. will not be liable for damage caused by a carrier that has been chosen under option 2.
Special Order
For example, any order with one or more products that is not available in the online store is a special order. A minimum of $500 CAN before taxes will be required for such an order.
Terms of Payment
Our terms of payment are 30 days maximum upon pre-approval and credit verification. We also accept payments by VISA and MasterCard.
Technical Support
Feel free to contact us during business hours to get tips on using our products or to ask for our help in selecting the best products for your specific needs.
Use the Instant Messenger available at the bottom of the page!
Privacy Policy
The protection of your information is very important to us.
With the development of new communication tools, it is necessary to pay special attention to the protection of privacy. That is why we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the information we collect.
Collection of personal information (the “information”) We collect the following information: • Last Name • First Name • Mailing Address • Postal Code • Email Address • Telephone/Fax number • Profession
The information we collect is gathered through our online forms and through your interaction with our website. We also use, as shown in the next section, cookies and/or log files to gather information that concerns you.
Forms and Interactivity Your information is collected through forms, namely: • Website Registration Form • Opinion poll
We use the information collected for the following purposes: • Follow-up of an order • Information/Promotional Offers • Contact
Your information is also collected through the interaction that can be established between you and our website in the following ways: • Statistics • Contact • Website management (presentation, organization)
We use the information collected for the following purposes: • Correspondence • Information or promotional offers
A Matter of Consent
At Fair D Canada, the consent of our customers and suppliers is essential. Before obtaining consent in writing or by phone, we take the time to describe our practice in a clear and precise way.
We are committed to offering you a right of opposition and withdrawal with respect to your information. The Right of opposition is understood as the possibility for Internet users to refuse their information to be used for certain purposes mentioned during the collection. The Right of withdrawal is understood as the possibility for Internet users to ask that their information no longer appears, for example, in a list of partners.
To exercise these rights, you can send an email in the Contact Us tab on our website by specifying “Withdrawal” or “Right of Opposition”. We will follow up on your request within thirty (30) days of receipt, unless, as permitted by law in certain circumstances, we inform you that a greater amount of time is required.
You may thus withdraw your consent to the management of Fair D Canada of your information, subject to applicable legal and contractual restrictions, upon reasonable notice. However, this may reduce our ability to provide you with certain products and services. You may contact Fair D Canada for more information on the implications of withdrawing your consent. You can also access and revise your information collected by Fair D Canada and make appropriate changes to your profile through our website.
A Matter of Service
In order to offer you the products and services that you desire and that suit you best, we require a minimum of information. In addition, some laws and rules require us to gather more information.
A Matter of Choice
When we have the appropriate consent, we can contact you to offer you products and services that may be of interest to you. The consent you give us to communicate with you by phone or by email takes precedence over the national list of excluded telecommunications numbers 2.
You may, at any time, refuse to receive our offers of products and services along with other promotional communications by sending an email in the Contact Us tab on our website by specifying “Withdrawal”.
If you no longer want to receive promotional messages electronically, simply click on the Unsubscribe link in the email itself and follow the instructions. You will be unsubscribed from our mailing list as soon as our systems have been updated within the allotted time frame.
Rest assured that your choice will have no impact on the services you have consented to.
In addition, certain uses and communications of your information are required to open, maintain or manage your account. If you refuse or withdraw your consent in these cases, we will no longer be able to serve you.
In order to allow us to offer you our products and services, to manage our risks, to comply with the applicable legislation and to update your profile, we may communicate the information that concerns you to our related companies. We inform them of the changes to be made to your file, which simplifies and accelerates the processing of your requests and transactions.
Our Service Subcontractors
While carrying out certain tasks, such as the protection of the website, we use subcontractors. We select our subcontractors with great care. When information is given to them, they must sign a confidentiality agreement with us and agree to use the information solely for the purposes set out in the agreement with a level of security comparable to the one we offer. In all cases, only the information necessary for the performance of their tasks is made available to subcontractors.
Services Provided Outside of Canada
Some of our subcontractors are located outside of Canada. Others, based in Canada, can store or process your information outside of the country. In either case, your information may be subject to the laws and access rights of foreign country authorities, including the United States.
If you have any questions regarding services rendered by our suppliers or to know the countries where your information may be located, please contact your representative.
We are sometimes legally or judicially authorized to, or required to, disclose information that concerns you. We could then share your information with various organizations or authorities, including foreign authorities such as the United States.
In the context of judicial procedures that involve us, we may have to disclose information that concerns you. On the other hand, if we use a collection agency, another person will be informed that you are not meeting your financial obligations towards us.
We have the power to investigate violations of the law and to denounce certain situations. The authorities could then be contacted, and information could be communicated to them.
A Matter of Access
Except where there are limits to the right of access, you may access the information collected of you, at no cost.
You must submit your request in writing to your representative or through an email on the Contact Us tab on our website by specifying “Access Requisition”. We will follow up on your request within thirty (30) days of receipt, unless, as permitted by law in certain circumstances, we inform you that a greater amount of time is required.
A Matter of Accuracy
We make reasonable arrangements to keep your information as accurate, complete and up to date as possible or necessary. We rely on you to update your information without delay to ensure the proper management of your requests and communications. Be sure to notify us immediately of any errors or inaccuracies.
A Matter of Security
We take reasonable precautions to protect your information from loss, destruction, theft, as well as from unauthorized consultation, communication, reproduction, use and modification, in whichever form your information is held and wherever it is located. We have put in place various security measures such as:
Physical Means: They include the protection of infrastructure, such as secure access to our premises and the safe location of equipment.
Administrative Measures: They are intended to limit access to information that concerns you. So only your representative who is required to consult your information has access to it.
Technical Measures: These include rigorous password management and firewall use.
In addition, the username and password you use to access our website are confidential and you are the only person to know them. Our representatives do not have that information and will not request it. Never disclose your username and password. If you choose to share them with third parties, you will be responsible for any action taken through your account and therefore have an interest in taking notice of this third party’s privacy policy beforehand. If the security of your password has been compromised for any reason, you must immediately change your password.
A Matter of Conservation and Destruction
We keep your information as long as it is needed. Even if you have ceased to do business with us, we are required to keep some information, among other reasons, because it is required by law, to deal with future transactions or to be able to demonstrate past transactions. When this information is no longer required, within approximately one year of the closure of the supplier’s or customer’s profile, they are destroyed with the exception of transactional data for tax purposes. During this process of destruction of information, we follow strict rules and prevent any unauthorized person from accessing it.
Our online services combine our website, our social media pages, our mobile application and any other medium or platform allowing you to interact with us online. By consulting or using our online services, you agree to the terms of this statement.
Collection of Information on Our Online Services
When you, as a customer or supplier, use our online services, including when you apply online on our website, we collect information about you. This information may include the IP address of your device, its unique identifier, information about your Internet browser or the operating system of your device, and its location. Information about your preferences and browsing habits, such as the pages you visit and use, may also be collected.
It is mainly with the help of control files (“Cookies”) and similar technologies that we collect information about you on some pages. Cookies are small electronic files installed on your device. In addition to collecting certain information, they allow us to recognize you when you return to our online services. The main information used is the following:
• IP Address • Operating System • Pages visited and queries • Time and day of connection
You can refuse or control these cookies (to see how, consult the “Your Choices” section below).
Use and Communication of Your Information
Among other purposes, we use your information to:
• Allow you to use our electronic platform
• Better understand your preferences, your needs and your use of our online services to personalize your experience by providing you with relevant content or offers
• Gather statistics and improve the quality of information on our online services, access to this information and your experience as a user
We use subcontractors as part of our online services 3. They mainly help us to operate these services, to develop new features, to analyze the activities that take place, to deploy our advertisements and our offers and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These subcontractors could keep your information on servers in the United States or elsewhere.
Your Choices
The browser you use allows you to see the cookies and control their use. You can configure your browser to accept or delete cookies individually or collectively. You can also set your browser so that it accepts no cookies or asks for your agreement each time a cookie is sent to your device. However, these settings may affect your experience with our online services.
Social Media Platforms and Third-Party Websites
We are present in some social media platforms, such as YouTube and LinkedIn. When you interact with us through these social media platforms, you do so according to the terms and policies of these platforms. Our online services may contain links to websites or services that do not belong to us. When you leave our online services, this statement also ceases to apply.
We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. The modifications will take effect on the date of the last update. By continuing to use our services after that date, you agree to the modifications made to the policy. We advise you to reread this policy occasionally to remain aware of its terms.
If any provision of this policy is contrary to law, void or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be deemed to be divisible from the procurement policy and shall not affect the validity or character enforceability of the other provisions.
A Question to Ask?
If you have any questions or comments about the management of your information, you can send us an email through the Contact Us tab of our website.
Settlement of Complaints
If you are experiencing dissatisfaction, please refer to another certified organization offering this service.
If you prefer, you may also contact the provincial or federal privacy authority that has jurisdiction over the entity that is the subject of your approach.
1 We are not always required to request your permission for the necessary consent. In fact, the law sometimes takes this consent for granted. For example, the Canadian Spam Act allows us to send promotional messages electronically to those with whom we have ongoing business relationships, provided, in particular, that we give them the means to unsubscribe from these messages. For more information on the spam law, we invite you to visit the website www.combattrelepourriel.gc.ca.
2 For more information about Canada’s National Do Not Call List, we invite you to visit the following website: www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca or call 1 866 580-3625.

3At the time of the publication of this statement, our main subcontractors were GoDaddy, Starfield Technology, LinkedIn, MCAFEE, YouTube. Other subcontractors have since been able to or could possibly substitute or be added to these.